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Do you want to become a firefighter in Craig Llangiwg?

Did you know that in England there are around 225,000 applications for around 2,250 firefighter jobs each year? This means most applicants have around only a 1% (or 1 in 100!) chance of success at attaining what for many (perhaps including you) is a dream job.

Against such odds many unsuccessful applicants give-up, feeling that there is little hope. Some try repeatedly with little success. Yet, whilst there are a number of reasons why some people in particular are successful when others aren’t such as individual attributes, characteristics, and past experience there are also many key areas in which prior learning, self-improvement and increasing relevant experience can significantly improve any person’s chance of success.

At firefighterjobs our team of experts have developed a comprehensive suite of firefighter services in Craig Llangiwg which will help everyone achieve their potential and so dramatically increase a candidate’s chance of success.

Our services have been developed by those who have been successful in the past and so understand what it takes to become a firefighter. Our dedicated team of recruitment specialists, fire service experts and managers, as well as active firefighters, have worked together so that firefighterjobs can offer you:

  • a one-stop resource for the most comprehensive, up-to-date list of fire and rescue service recruitment dates
  • online application coaching to help you navigate the various tests including the psychometrics tests
  • face-to-face mentoring (in person or online) from those with the prior knowledge necessary to help you at the start of your firefighting application to the commencement of your new career
  • the help needed to create and develop a portfolio of evidence you can use at your interview to demonstrate your Personal Qualities and Attributes (PQAs)

Training days tailored to you and the stage of your application which can include:

  • Firefighter job intensive training camps, and physical training packages in Craig Llangiwg to help you through the fitness test and the Job Related Tasks (JRTs)
  • fire and rescue service familiarization: firefighterjobs has all the equipment used by the fire and rescue service operationally (including fire engines) and in the phases of initial recruitment. We provide you with access to these so you can familiarize yourself with what you will face from assembling pumps to climbing ladders.
  • Mock tests – we will replicate the conditions you will be subject to throughout the application process at whichever fire and recue service you may be applying for

All of these can be provided as bespoke packages and delivered in a way that suits you. They can drastically improve your chances of success.

At the end of your training we will provide you with:

  • Suggestions for areas for improvements and recommendations on how to improve further.
  • Help you create and develop a portfolio of evidence you can use at your interview
  • Offer open, honest, factual appraisals which will allow you to succeed in the future.

For more information about our firefighter job training services in Craig Llangiwg please contact us at UKTraining4you on 0845 86 234 86 or via email at info@uktraining4you.co.uk